Willows, California
What would Willows be like if we......?
Posted on March 4th, 2016

What would Willows be like if we "themed" our area as an outdoor place to play? What outdoor play?...things like biking trails, routes for motorized vehicles, motorsports!
We know that Willows is a great Agricultural area and that will not change! We could bring in several streams of income through motorized trails, and the motorsports outside of town. How about ranges for bow shooters and gun owners. Outdoors is the place to play too!
Please, these are suggestions that could be viable possibilities for our future.
I know two things right now, most of the children raised here leave because "there is nothing to do here" and we need to look towards building our area's financial future NOW!
That all starts with these types of questions- mull it over, think of the positives, envision what our area would need to do to make it possible, know that not just one can do this job but we can! Then, think of negatives that can be changed before they happen, we will hit them straight on on nip it in the bud. If there are circumstances that come up, we will make a well thought plan and institute it with a just and balanced answer.
​Keeping the balance in our area of the agricultural life and those of play will mean a well balanced community! All work and no play make us.......poor in several ways!

Disclaimer:  These are the opinions of the writer and not necessarily those of the Willows Chamber of Commerce.

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